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When It Rains…

One thing about working for a small, understaffed library is that I get a lot of cool opportunities to test out my skills and ideas about librarianship while on the job. I’ve been teaching computer classes along with the interim programming coordinator for the past few weeks, with the idea to take them over come the end of October.

That’s going to be two classes a week to start. I’m hoping to pull another intern in with me, and then work with her to design some career-oriented computer classes – things like how to search for jobs online, how to fill in an online job application, making sure your email is up to date so you receive things, etc.

All these things that just come naturally to me (or rather, that I had the blessing of being given the freedom to learn when I was younger) need to be broken down into pieces that can be taught. I’ll be working on that curriculum soon.

I’ve been continuing my work on the CoH Intern’s Blog as well, though that’s little more than a glorified job board itself until we get the full website up and running. Because I’m the only one in the library who has worked with WordPress before, I’m being given the task of taking the new site from skeleton to live.

This has to happen soon (our old one… leaves something to be desired), but I’m having trouble getting a hold of the admin credentials for the site. Apparently their previous web developer just… stopped. I’m not sure of the story behind that.

This week’s big things were the government shutdown and the ACA. Libraries everywhere issued a collective shout of excitement at renewed relevance and a simultaneous groan at the strain on what are often already maxed-out staffs.

At Homestead, I used this week to identify the resources available in our area for those experiencing food emergencies. The demographics in that area led me to think it might be helpful, and at the least I hope it is a less intrusive way of communicating with people who might not otherwise use food banks.

As for the ACA… that’s next week.

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