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Music and Movement – Bees, Elephants, and Bean Bags

My very first solo children’s program at the library! Age Group: Preschool/Pre K (Toddlers and babies are also welcome and can benefit, though not all activities will be within their developmental range) Length of Program: 30-45 minutes Description: In this program young children will learn delightful songs, dances, musical language …

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The Thor Uproar

I’ve been trying to figure out how best to approach this topic. Much ink, tears, and maybe blood has been spilled on the topic of Marvel’s character updates this week. Some has been helpful and contributed to it, some has been vitriolic and takes away from the discussion. I’m certainly …

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Potions and Smoke

Game of Thrones sort of kind of spoiler alert (for a reference to dialogue only – no plot points). A couple things happened this week in both TV and the real world that got me thinking.  First, on Game of Thrones, weird red priestess we love to hate Melisandre was …

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