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Of Harpies and Crying Wolf

I was killing time on my break today when I was made aware of the statements posted by #teamharpy on their legal defense fund site. First, false allegations suck. Second, rape culture sucks. Third, truth is often squishier than the facts. Since I took Ms. de Jesus and Ms. Rabey at …

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STEAM Three Ways: Silly Putty

Library staff are often crunched for time, particularly in the youth services department (although I may be biased here). To that end, getting the supplies and planning for a single science activity that can be used in multiple age groups has a real, measurable time and budget savings. It’s important …

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“Because I have a story too”: Diversity in Biographies

Image submitted by Tye Jiles to the #WeNeedDiverseBooks tumblr “Why are there more biographies about white people?” I’d been helping a family find children’s biographies to use for a family project on Black History Month, and the 7-year-old girl asked a great question. I quickly came up with the best …

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