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Book Review: Nimona by Noelle Stevenson

Nimona is a girl who can shapeshift into a monster. Or a monster who can shapeshift into a girl. Or something more complicated than that. In any case, she shows up unannounced at supervillain extraordinaire Ballister Blackheart’s lair and declares herself his sidekick. He is… not amused. “I can’t have …

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PreK Art and Science: Popsicle Stick Symmetry

Resources: Murphy, Stuart J. Let’s Fly a Kite. 2000. “Making Shapes.” 2013. Schwake, Susan. “Fold Me a Print.” Art Lab for Little Kids. 2013. p 76. Supplies: For the Mirror Demo: Symmetry mirror Household objects, some symmetrical, some not For “Making Shapes” Take Home: 20 craft sticks/child Markers in assorted colors …

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Homeschool Art and Science: Gravity

A quick one-shot lesson plan from a juvenile art and science session I ran as an intern. I wrote this up in detail for a Teaching and Learning class during my MLIS. Resources: Chin, Jason. Gravity. 2014. Supplies:     For Gravity Drop: Ping pong balls, marbles, Styrofoam balls, pencils, …

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