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Book Review: Uprooted by Naomi Novik

Agnieszka, called Neshka by everyone she loves, is a small-town girl. She hasn’t much left her little village, and she never really wants to. Her family has been in the Valley for ages, and something just feels right about the place. Except the Wood. The Wood always lurks at the …

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Stuffed Animal Sleepover

We hosted our first stuffed animal sleepover (a program where children have a storytime and leave their stuffed friend at the library overnight for photographed shenanigans). Another program I inherited after a staff member left, I wasn’t entirely sure how this program would go. It was scheduled the week of …

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Teen Spaces: Modifying an All-Too-Solid Room

You know the problem: you want to create the most epic of teen spaces, but you’re locked into an architectural space that just wasn’t designed for it. All the walls are covered in shelving, there’s almost no plugs, bookshelf islands occupy most of the rest of the space, and everything …

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