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Go Lightly: Moving Adventures

There are few sites on the internet that seem to get me as much, and as often, as xkcd. As I continue to engage in late-night marathon packing sessions in preparation for my move this week, I contacted the cable company to hook everything up. Which brings up this comic. …

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Amazon, Showrooming, and Discoverability

Amazon has been dominating the news lately. I did a quick search on Google News, and came up with this: And there were the expected “Amazon vs.” articles: Wal-Mart, Apple, Barnes & Noble, IBM. Still, that’s a lot of vs for a company that has grown, apparently organically, from an …

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Late to the Rowling/Galbraith Party

Yes, I know. You’ve read this 1000 times already since it happened last week. And I’m sorry that I’m adding to the stack. Sorry, not sorry, actually, because it was one of the professors at my school that helped. Duquesne University’s Dr. Juola has been working on software to help …

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