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Let There Be Moose

Some days, you plan everything and it just doesn’t work. Other days, you kind of forget about the fact that you’re actually running storytime until the day of… (I’ve never done that, don’t look at me like that…)

I grabbed some moose books. Yes, moose. We had just gotten “This is a Moose” by Richard T. Morris in, and that proud moose was perched atop the new picture books. It spoke to me, but was a little long for my toddlers. So I started searching.

There are SO MANY moose books.

I ended up using “Duck, Duck, Moose” by Sudipta Bardhan-Quallen, which is great for a small group. It only uses the three title words throughout the story, which leaves lots of room for interaction between the storyteller and the children as they figure out the story. The pictures tell of a very hyperactive moose who always seems to be messing up something that the ducks are doing. But when it’s revealed that the ducks are trying to set up a surprise party for moose, they can’t find him – he’s too sad that he’s in the way. But they good duck friends bring him back to the party – and there ain’t no party like a duck and moose party!

Fair warning: this book is a little small, so if you have a bigger group, you may not like this one.

We also did “Looking for a Moose” by Phyllis Root. This is a kind of “Going on a bear hunt” in book form. All we know is we have never, ever, ever, seen a moose, and we really, really, really want to see one. The book takes you through hills and forests and swamps to look for moose. The kids loved this one – it gave them plenty of opportunity to look for signs that moose had been there, along with some great onomatopoeia and nonsense words.

We did some moose songs, too. They are sprinkled about the web (Check out my resources below, but this one went over best:

Action Rhyme : “Mr. Moose” (via The Door2Door Librarian)
Mr. Mr is very tall  (put hands to head for antlers)
His antlers touch the sky (hand high up in the air)
They make a real good resting place (put hands out to sides)
For birdies passing by (flap arms like wings)

Really, what I discovered from this is that kids love to make moose antlers with their hands. Since we did this song before the books, I encouraged them to put up antlers every time I said the word moose during the first book, and everytime they saw a moose clue in the second book. The loved it.

We had a moose craft, too – make your own antlers! We just made construction paper headbands and had them glue on wavy horns that the adults cut out, but they really enjoyed getting to be moose for the rest of the day.

Author: Nelle J. Hussey from Troy-moore.com.

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