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Late to the Rowling/Galbraith Party

Yes, I know. You’ve read this 1000 times already since it happened last week. And I’m sorry that I’m adding to the stack.

Sorry, not sorry, actually, because it was one of the professors at my school that helped. Duquesne University’s Dr. Juola has been working on software to help identify works by the same author. It took less than half an hour for the system to process The Cuckoo’s Calling and list J.K. Rowling as the most likely author.

When asked by journalist Cal Flyn of the Sunday Times to look at the text, Juola went to work. And look at the ruckus it’s caused.

While not the only thing that went into determining authorship, it’s still one of the most publicized. Flyn did great journalism and provided a few other authors to be tested to provide more certainty (P.D. James and Ruth Rendell, among others). And then of course the confirmation leaked by Rowling’s legal team – oops.

But I just wanted to give props where it’s due. Well, done Dr. Juola and team!

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