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How to Build a Biblio Chair

How to Build a Biblio Chair

Are you a bookworm and pressed for book space in your home or apartment? A biblio chair is a bookshelf chair (bookshelf and chair in one). It is a space-saving, minimalist design that is versatile and ideal for book lovers everywhere. One of the best home or apartment improvement ideas for people with lots of books is to build a biblio chair. The biblio chair can fit into a home office space, library, kids’ reading room or apartment nook with relative ease.

Here’s how to get started:


For the wood; two sheets of ¾’ plywood – 4’x8’, 6x8ft of 2×2” pine strips, and 4x8ft of 2×2” pine. You will also need one bottle of wood glue, two boxes of 1 1/4” Kreg pocket screws.


For Do It Yourself projects, the right tools make all the difference. For this project, you will need a cordless drill, various lengths of clamps, and a hammer. Other tools include a tape measure and measuring triangle, along with a Kreg Jig Mini or Kreg Jig K4. A miter saw jigsaw, nail gun and compressor will complete your toolkit.
Miter saw reviews ( refer: https://apartmentimprovement.com/best-miter-saw-2017/) show that they are affordable, fast and accurate. They are great for framing, molding or other cross-cutting jobs.
Jigsaw reviews reveal they are sturdy, fast, and easy to use and control. The jigsaw has four adjustable blade stroke settings for smooth and tougher cuts of wood. They are quick, sturdy and comfortable to operate.

Start with a Base

Cut the base of the biblio chair from the sheet of the 4×8 plywood sheet. Next, build the sides up with the 2×2” pine. The sides should be at least 29” in height.

Get a Firm Foundation

Use 2×1” pieces of pine in between the 2×2’s. Secure the parts to the plywood base with a sturdy wood glue. Reinforce the structure with Kreg pocket screws.

Add Some Support

The biblio chair will be holding your weight plus books, so be sure to create adequate support. Build additional support by using more 2×1” pine to make the first story. Fix it firmly in place with wood glue and pocket screws.

Build the Seating and Sides

For horizontal seating, use the same size sheet of plywood as for the base. Glue it firmly into place.
The next step is to construct the upper bookshelf slots with 2×2” pieces of pine.
Interlock each slot to the other and secure them in place with Kreg pocket screws and wood glue.
When it is finished, the seating area should be at least 28.5” long by 26” wide. You should have a 3-sided structure with seating in the middle

Top It Off

Now that the seating and sides are in place, your next step is to make the top of the biblio chair. For the top, cut out the plywood to fill in the three open sides of the chair. Secure the top of each side to the seating area with wood glue and clamps.

Add Some Color

Your biblio chair is almost done. You can paint it up with your favorite color of colors. A few coats will make it gleam.
After the paint dries, you can have some cushions custom made or make them yourself if you are a sewing enthusiast. Choose patterns that complement a particular theme or lifestyle. For Kids’ reading or recreation spaces, choose kid-friendly designs to appeal to their tastes.
Fill up the sides with your books and voila! You are done!


A biblio chair is a great home or apartment improvement project. It will save space, and create a relaxing, comfortable reading nook for you to surround yourself with your favorite tomes. The biblio chair will keep your books handy, enhance your decor and provide a great conversation piece.

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