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Hello and welcome!

Born and raised in the Saginaw Bay Region of Michigan, I have always been the generally curious sort (sometimes too curious – sorry Mom and Dad!). When applying for jobs in high school, I begged my parents not to make me turn in any more applications until I’d heard back from the public library about a page position. Fortunately they called me back, and it set me upon the path toward librarianship.

The library I worked at gave me amazing opportunities to learn, and when I finished up my degree in French language and English literature from the Saginaw Valley State University, I broke into the business world. And then realized I had been SO WRONG about wanting to get my MBA.

Following that stunning series of revelations, I packed up and moved to Pittsburgh, PA to work at another library and start my MLIS.

Hobbies and interests include library as centers of community, narrative non-fiction (though strangely not most memoirs), fairy tales, Excel spreadsheets (weird, I know), baking way more than I should ever eat, west coast swing dancing, being a beverage snob, and probably too much Doctor Who. If you enter the world of my social media, you have been warned (pleasantly!).

I currently work at a smattering of libraries around the Pittsburgh area, including academic and public libraries (check out my résumé for more detail). Major projects include redesign of the Carnegie Library of Homestead website (in development), a template for job and career services in libraries on a limited budget, and collection development for libraries serving aging populations. I’ll be posting them to my Portfolio page as they get done, so keep an eye out.

Find me and say hello in various places on the web at Twitter, Tumblr, and LinkedIn.

“Do I have to talk to insane people?”

“You’re a librarian now. I’m afraid it’s mandatory.”

― Jasper Fforde, The Woman Who Died a Lot