2016 will be eulogized in many ways, by better writers than me, and there’s plenty to write about. The 2016 US Presidential election. The genocide in Aleppo. The Zika virus. The Brussels bombings. Brexit. Bowie. Rickman. Prince. Ali. Cohen. The list is long and sometimes hard to read.

But in the smaller realm, the realm in which the day to day happens, things have been going on too.  I crashed a car. I survived a good dose of S.A.D. I got a new job and moved back to Michigan. I moved into a place alone for the first time in my life. I became almost disturbingly obsessed with Hamilton and Critical Role.

And I realize I haven’t really posted since January. And I’ll try to remedy that. But I’ve learned a bunch – about librarianship, about youth services, about serving patrons, about tech tools and marketing and “other duties as assigned.” I’m super excited to start parsing through all of it and posting some of it here.

And as I (once again) reinvent my life, I am reinventing the website. Some of the categories are gone. I added a page of favorite resources that will begin populating with newer stuff soon.  And I am running a bunch of new programs and initiatives and learning a community which always makes me full of thoughts.

So, until next time…


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