No, the ALSA hasn’t defrauded us all

I’ve been seeing claims of ALS fraud for a bit, from various websites. (a nonprofit evaluation site) shows that 72.4% goes to “programs” which, according to the ALSA’s 2013 finanicial statement, include research incentives (around 28% of the total), patient services (19%) and public education (32%), and is rated 4/4 stars for being transparent and efficient with its revenue. The IRS Form 990 for 2013 shows that more was given out in research grants than all salaries and benefits combined.

 In fact, if you’re curious, basically everything the ALS spent money on for the last 3 years is available via IRS documents here. Guidestar is a great resource for any nonprofit’s financial documents, including a lot of libraries. I’ve been using it as an interview preparation tool lately. But back to the point.

No matter what you think about the challenge, before you click share on the accusations that we’ve been hoaxed by donating the ALS. They’ve been clear on what they do with the money, and have a pretty good reputation for revenue efficiency.

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