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3D Printed Hand 0

Newest Thing at Your Library: Prosthetics?

The feel-good story cruising around the Internet right now is “Kansas teen uses 3-D printer to make hand for boy” from the Kansas City Star. Sixteen-year-old Mason Wilde used a 3D printer to create... 0

Being Smart and Being Good

I hate running. I don’t get people who love runners’ high (but more power to them). I tried running for a bus once, and I missed it. That’s the kind of attitude I have... 2

Squishy Circuits

A few weeks ago, I was asked to sub for Homeschool Art and Science – a program run at the library where I intern designed for homeschool children ranging from age 4-14. It’s a... 0

Armchair (or Couch-cushion) Travel

I’ve been hosting strangers my entire life. Around the time I was 5, we hosted our first Rotary exchange student, a girl from France who was a talent drawer and mildly creepy (she dressed... 0

Christmas Party!

It’s been about a week since we ran the Christmas party at the Carnegie Library of Homestead, and it went great! I was asked to pull together some crafts on a bit of a...

new years 0

Wrapping up 2013

Somehow, there are less than two weeks left in the year. This has crept up on me. It’s been a big year – I’ve moved, started school, gotten lots of experience at lots of...

"Non-Violence" (a.k.a. "The Knotted Gun") by Fredrik Reuterswärd. 0

Long Days and Learning Curves

Most days I’m a lot like my junior high self: when someone asks me how work was and what I did, I shrug and respond, “It was ok, didn’t do much.” This is obviously...

Battle of Midway @ Homestead Library 1

Write In!

Remember this? Well, it happened yesterday. And it was great! Since it was my first program, I was a bit nervous. I mean, I’d helped with lots of programs, and I’d dreamt up a...

Teen Programming without Pizza 1

To Conference or Not to Conference

(Definitely conference) I recently attended a convention for my state’s library association as a student photographer. It was quite the experience. I got to spend 4 days mingling with the leaders in librarianship, making...