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The Value of Mentorships

There’s been a lot of discussion about mentors and mentoring programs around ALA lately, or at least I’ve picked up on more recently. As I’m about to graduate (pending the last few assignments), I’ve... 0

The Thor Uproar

I’ve been trying to figure out how best to approach this topic. Much ink, tears, and maybe blood has been spilled on the topic of Marvel’s character updates this week. Some has been helpful...

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At the Gates, Without the Password

“You’re really well prepared. Most resumes for new MLIS grads need padding – yours is full of really great stuff.” That was really nice to hear during the ALA resume review service two weeks...

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ALA Annual – Quick Sum Up

I started writing this post  Saturday of the ALA Annual Conference, and I found myself once again in the Networking Uncommons. It’s a great spot, right in the middle of everything, and I was only filling ...

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Potions and Smoke

Game of Thrones sort of kind of spoiler alert (for a reference to dialogue only – no plot points). A couple things happened this week in both TV and the real world that got...

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Mama Said…

We’ve all had those days. The ones that start hard, go slowly, and end on a bad note. The kind of days that make us want to curl up with a glass of wine...

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Newest Thing at Your Library: Prosthetics?

The feel-good story cruising around the Internet right now is “Kansas teen uses 3-D printer to make hand for boy” from the Kansas City Star. Sixteen-year-old Mason Wilde used a 3D printer to create... 0

Being Smart and Being Good

I hate running. I don’t get people who love runners’ high (but more power to them). I tried running for a bus once, and I missed it. That’s the kind of attitude I have... 2

Squishy Circuits

A few weeks ago, I was asked to sub for Homeschool Art and Science – a program run at the library where I intern designed for homeschool children ranging from age 4-14. It’s a... 0

Armchair (or Couch-cushion) Travel

I’ve been hosting strangers my entire life. Around the time I was 5, we hosted our first Rotary exchange student, a girl from France who was a talent drawer and mildly creepy (she dressed...